More than one popup on a page? Is this possible?

@ambroisedlg … tagging you because of previous posts about popups and hoping you can help!
I’m trying to put two pop-ups on one page. Is there any reason why I can’t do this? It’s not working currently for me - the second pop-up has been added to the page but isn’t available as an option in the “Show…” dialogue.
I guess I can combine both using states but two separate pop-ups is simpler for now.
Any advice appreciated

Hey @shane.holohan1

Thanks for tagging me and happy to help
Having two popups (or more) shouldn’t cause any problems. The fact that the popup isn’t visible in the ‘Show’ dialogue is weird. Do you mind sharing your app in view mode so that I can have a look?


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Thanks for the quick reply. How do I share the app in view mode?

I had a further look and decided that actually one popup with two states is a better plan. Seems to be working now. Thanks.