Popup not working - need to press twice

Hey everyone! All of a sudden in my application, all my popups need to be pressed twice to work on the web version. For example, I press the log in button and nothing happens, then i press it again and it works however, this is detrimental for user experience. Is anyone else having this problem? Or, does anyone know how to solve it?

Also, for some reason it works the first time I press a popup on mobile but on the desktop I need to click every popup twice.

Any help would greatly greatly be appreciated!

I’m having a similar issue - it started with groups not rendering when using animation - you’d have to click twice on occasion for a group to show - I ripped out all of the animation and just used show and hide - and that seemed to work - but pop-ups are now not working.

I’m wondering if there is a problem with what ever rendering engine is behind-the-scenes, because in both cases even though the group didn’t show, you could still hover over where the inputs or buttons should be, and see the mouse cursor change.

This started happening for me in the last 12 hours

@timothybrennan2 @funnelrepublic

any luck with this? I am having the exact same issue where popups are taking two clicks to appear.


For me this was a bubble issue which was fixed within a day. I would check if it’s the same case in other apps and if it is, I would report it to Bubble support. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

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