Most efficient way to design UI for your app?

Hi there,

What are some of the ways you design UI for your app?

I’ve been using Bubble for over a year now, and I have a app project in mind that I want to build with Bubble. I have my features, the expected UX, and general layout of the page, however where I struggle is designing UI from scratch, or taking components from demos/examples and bringing them together in a coherent design system.

I feel if I didn’t have to worry about the UI or look of the app I could have the app done in a few weeks, at least an MVP.

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions/methods that are subject to Bubble build, that can make the build process a little more efficient so I can ship this project quicker. I understand styles and how they can be used across common components in the app, but you first have to design the styles ^^.


Hi John

You may already know

They are just about to release V3.0 with a whole suite of premade layouts and components …I think it will be ready within this week or so.