User Interface best practice

I built one Bubble app to learn the platform and as I went I pretty much just manually made a kinda UI, but it looked ugly as hell. I figured I would just sort it later…

Now I am about to start a new app, and this time I would like to start from the beginning with a decent dashboard UI. Is there any guide to UI best practice, or any Frameworks we can use like Bootstrap, somehow?

previously when I made a side bar I just made a box, then would add a bunch of text links or other boxes to that big side box for my navigation. Would love to do it a bit more “proper” this time.

Closest thing to frameworks on Bubble are Templates.

Pick the one you like visually, and apply the template styles for the new elements, or tweak them in bulk for the whole app.

Not a silver bullet, but definitely helpful to learn the ropes.


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