Most Workflows You've Seen?

Hi -

Random question, what is the most workflows you’ve seen built on a single Bubble page?

SPAs :slight_smile:
Don’t remember who but someone mentioned (here or on Twitter) having 300+ WFs within a single page.

Reuseable elements would like a word with this person. I’m now a reuseable element + UI component evangelist. Componentise everything, it’s great when you build new features in future.


This is a complex SPA. The most workflows each page/RE has is probably like 15.


Damn, wow! Impressive

Yea, you’ve got to leverage reusable elements for larger SPA’s or you’ll bog the editor down. It’s not uncommon for it to get up to 2-3GB RAM while I’m working on a huge page, which really makes it borderline unusable at times. Splitting it out into components saves me this headache. I just have 1 page I know I need to split and am dreading it. Design for it up front would be my suggestion.

To the OP’s original question, if you count my entire app as one page (because it’s a SPA), I’ve definitely got thousands :laughing:

Doesn’t this slow you in the development of the app? Any time you want to consult a workflow related to an element you have to change page and go to the reusable element

No… hundred workflows on one page will slow your editor and your mind…

Here’s a table:

I have to enter the reuseable element to edit it, sure. But:

  • I can show or hide columns using a dynamic property (see the showYear/Status etc columns)
  • I can put variations of the same table on multiple screens
  • I can control stuff like is the group focus button enabled, or the create button enabled, just from the dynamic properties.

When I want to change the design of the table, I change just this one table, not every table for this data type in my app.

That’s time saved.

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I’m ashamed to post this, but here is my earliest SPA from years ago:

Thats almost 450 workflows on a single page :upside_down_face: it also uses REs ontop of that.

Reusable Element properties have been released and i have since become a RE evangelist too and view the above screenshot with disgust. Any time i need to work on that app i curse myself.
But to give Bubble credit, and to answer your question, the above app works fine and the editor didn’t cause me too many problems, especially with &issues_off=true. (tbf my setup is quite beefy).

If you have multiple monitors you can have multiple screens up at once.

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@georgecollier Thank you guys for the answer. At most I have 120 WFs, so I should probably begin to use reusable elements too.

You won’t look back :slight_smile:

This is epic! You should create a tutorial video :slight_smile:

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