Convert Multi Page app to Single Page

Hello there. We are in need of serious help. We’ve worked with developers on an app that is pretty much finished, but we recently found out that they did not build it as an SPA. Our app will only be used on Mobile and plan to publish in the app stores - we are suffering serious lag time when navigating from page to page (on the menu bar), which of course affects user experience.

Is there someone willing to help us with improving navigation speed? Is there a way to do this without moving to SPA?

Thanks in advance


Hello, In my experience, it doesn’t take long to move other pages into a single page, and I think it’s better in terms of user experience.
I may also know how to improve the page loading.

May I DM you?

Interested in this as well. I have a multi page app and would love to convert each page as a reusable element for a SPA

I suggest converting what you can into reusable elements and then dropping them onto one page. It’s a great way to keep the editor speedy and workflows separate from each other. I think there is a balance of pages and ‘one page’ that works well. Definitely speeds things up when the person doesn’t have to load a new page each time. Feels much faster for the user. Sorry that the developer didn’t design this for you in the first place. :slightly_frowning_face: That must be frustrating.

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Yea, since your bubble app is a nosql document, creating reusable elements is the way to go for performance/speed.

Oops sorry to hear this,

Best approach would be to first outline all the elements that were probably used in all these multi pages and convert them into a reusabls starting from Header , footer , buttons …

And also maximise the use of styles , by creating quick styles to follow through with all the pages , making it mobile first approach

That way it reduces the workload to the bearest minimum