Move draggable group that is in a repeating group

Hello Bubble community,

In my app, I have draggable groups within a repeating group. I want to be able to drag the groups around on the page, but I also am trying to create a workflow to move draggable elements automatically to X Y coordinates when certain triggers occur.

I think the issue I’m having is caused by the fact that the draggable groups are within the repeating group. When I select ‘move a draggable group’ in the workflow, the element drop down doesn’t have any options, so I’m not able to select the draggable group.

Any thoughts here? Thanks.

Correct. You can’t target elements in a Repeating Group from “outside” the Repeating Group. Consider: The number of elements in the Repeating Group is unknown at edit time – only one “prototype” element exists. We cannot distinguish between any of the elements that will dynamically exist at run time, so we cannot target them by name.

Elements that trigger an event (like a plugin) can communicate out, however, and those events are detectable with a “When a plugin_name some_event…”

Thanks Keith…I appreciate the response.

For my specific situation, I’d want the trigger to occur on all the elements in the repeating group, so I don’t need to distinguish between. Whether there’s 1 group within the repeating group, or 5, I’m trying to get them all to move at the same time. Do you know if there are any future plans to enable something like this?

Can you explain the elements communicating out a bit more? Maybe give a concrete example? I think I get what you’re saying, but I’m just a little confused by the wording.