How exactly does the Draggable Elements plugin work?


I’ve installed Bubble’s Draggable Elements plugin. My goal is to allow users to change the order list of videos in a queue within a repeating group.

I’ve read the documentation and watched what I could find but my brain just doesnt seem to be understanding.

Secondly, the way this list is reorganized here needs to be reflective if other users are viewing the repeatinggroup with the same data.

Here is how I’ve set it up so far. I’ve stripped it down back to how it was when I originally tried to set it up. I have a repeatinggroup, and inside a cell I have a drop area element, and inside that I have a dragdrop element, and inside that is the group that holds the video ad data.

Is this possible with the setup I’m trying to do?

Thank you

You need to sort the repeating group by some field and then when you drag and drop an element it should change the field of the dropped element so that it will now be sorted in that new order.

I actually created a little example page and plugin a few months ago. There may be better ways but here is the example:

Here is the editor:

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