Moving an icon image a long side text

Anyway to make something move along side the text with any new features for the new responsive engine.

I kind of want to make a twitter verified thing, when your verified the tick moves depending on the length of your username and was wondering if this was possible with anything new to the responsive engine as such any tick poxes having a repeating group etc or would it have to be done through conditionals?

Yes…select text and icon and group in a column or row container…in your example, prob a row.

Like @anon71899553 said, you can group (row) a text element with an icon and in the text element not define a minimum width and set the width to fit to the content, so the text width will dynamically change according to the text length.

The icon will need a conditional to be visible or not according to the thing’s verification (verified or unverified).

Another approach would be to use just a text element with the same settings as described above, without the need to group it with an icon. In this case, the same conditional would be used to show the icon described above would be used in the text to change the text content to: “text” + [fa] code

Ex: When condition is true…

“Text [fa]check-circle[/fa]”


Yes - that is both a better explanation and a better alternative! I would go the second option as well, nows I think about it!