Text & Icon - Icon too distant from text

Hello everyone, I am trying to create a verification system, the only thing I am seem to have a problem with is text and icon spacing, by this I mean;


When a name is less than the space, I set it to shrink, the only problem is, I can’t figure out how to move the icon based on the characters of the text. I would like to look something similar to this;


I would like to move the icon based on the number of characters within the name.

Hi @GregoryKing :slight_smile: You can include the icon in the text itself by entering:

*I entered “Crown Network” but this could be dynamic text, and the checkmark will automatically be one space away from the text.

Then you can set the icon to be a color using the rich text editor:

Which will be:

*If you’d like to use a different color than the one chosen in the rich text editor, you would enter the color code where it says [color=#00fffff], with the color you’d like.

In order for this to display in preview mode, there must also be at least one regular ‘Icon’ on the page (this can be hidden), which allows Bubble to correctly reference the font-awesome file. Here is the original post on this:

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I can almost cry for how simple that was XD thank you.

I know that feeling :joy: No problem at all!