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Moving from Input Form to Repeating Group with Keyboard

Hi! I have an input form which serves as a search bar, and below it I have a Repeating Group with dynamic text in the rows. Once my cursor is inside the input form, I would like to move from it to the first row in the Repeating Group below by just using the down arrow on my keyboard. I would then like to move from one row in the Repeating Group to the next using the down arrow key. This is very similar to when you have search suggestions when you are typing in the Google search bar and you use the down arrow on your keyboard to move from one suggestion to the next. How can this be done in Bubble? I’m stuck! Thanks!


not sure whether I got you 100% right, but you want to change the tab order right? So the order which input should be in focus when you use the keyboard.



Hi Sarah, thanks for your answer. I actually wanted to move from one element to another one by pressing the “down” arrow on the keyboard. Hope this clarifies my question. Thanks!

I think this explanation here might be helpful for you.

If not, let me know and I’ll create a YouTube tutorial how to do it (I’m currently making YouTube videos anyway).

Many greetings.


Great, thank you Sarah!