Keypress interaction with repeating group

Hi Everyone,

I need help with a challenge that I am facing:

I have a custom drop down menu with lots of options (UK county selection). Scrolling through the options is very annoying due to the large number of options and I want to implement a feature where if I type a letter it would jump to the first row of the repeating group starting with that letter.

Any ideas on how this is possible are very much appreciated!

You can use ,Search Box element .

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While that offers an alternative way it isnt exactly what I want.

My goal is to have the dropdown and have the option to scroll through all items but also be able to skip to an element using keypresses.

For now I have implemented a custom element that combines the dropdown and the searchbox which works great.

I also implemented a custom element that would do what I wanted by triggering a “scroll to” action when an input (hidden) value is changed but it only gets triggered when I push enter which is not ideal.