Moving groups when tablet orientation changes


I have the following group layout when a tablet is in the landscape mode. Is it possible using responsiveness so that when the tablet is held in the portrait position the groups shown are “stacked” as Group A on top, Group B in the middle, and Group C on bottom? If so, what’s the trick?



You might need to create a copy of all three groups, put it in it’s own container group, and only show that new container group when the page width >= the tablet portrait width.

Thank you. I’ll go with that.

I am also trying out different responsiveness approaches, and I am fairly new to it but this is what I would try out.

Combine group A and C in another group element (Group D)

From this lay-out:
In the responsiveness setting try to adjust the minimum width of group D and B so that these are next to each other on table landscape size and larger and are stacked when screen size is less or equal to tablet portrait mode.

From a mobile first lay out
In the UI Builder Move group B under group D. In the responsive editor and center these set Group B to wrap to previous line when stretched. You may need to tweak the collapse margin settings on group D and B a bit.