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Hi, I have a issue about link

Each user has their own URL in the database. To go to that URL, I created a link using “Current Page User’s link” as Dynamic data. But if the user is not logged in, I can’t access it even if I press the link.

I tried the scenario you mentioned in my test application. But I didn’t have a problem. If you can be more descriptive or share the app link, I could help more.

I made a simple one. First of all, you can run as “user1” from the database. please make sure you can access the link when you are logged in. Then press the logout button and press the link again.

Can you solve it?

When the button on the index page is clicked, you are sending the current user’s unique id to the target page.

This is user1’s unique id:

The Instagram button here has the “Instagram Link” data field value of the user who has the unique id in the URL.

Therefore, when this button is clicked, you can access the desired address.

Let’s try the same scenario when the user not logged in.

When I click the button as a user who is not logged in, a random unique id goes to the page.

Here is the unique id:

But this unique id does not match the unique id of any user in the database.

So the link value that the “Instagram” link element has is empty. Therefore, you cannot access any address by clicking.

I guess you will list users and access a user’s page you clicked on. You will then access the relevant user’s link.

So, I created a RepeatingGroup which listing user. Then, I rearranged the workflow. With this workflow, whichever cell of the list I click on, the unique id of the user in that cell will go to the target page.

As a result, I can access the targeted page even if I am not logged in.

I hope I understand your question correctly. If my answer is not clear enough, or if you have another problem, please let me know.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. I was able to solve the problem.

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