Multi dropdown-modify option width and control option border colors?

Hey all!

I have been playing around with css to customize the appearance of bubble’s multi dropdown. One thing that has been impossible is to specify the colour of the border that is around the options that populate and drop below the input. See screenshot.

Even if you set the multi dropdown to no border, or specify a border color, the same default border will show up around the options, not the color that was selected. It is consistent on every device, unlike dropdowns which change depending on tablet, mobile etc for ios. So not really sure how to tweak that part of the dropdown.

The multi dropdown itself has different margins and padding than other inputs even if they are set to 0. Was able to kind of overrule the appearance using negative margins so looks nice on the page before being expanded. But when it does expand the width of dropdown looks less square than desired…

Has anyone had any luck customizing these aspects of the multi dropdown ? It doesn’t seem to respond the way other inputs do to css…


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