Need help with Multi Dropdowns

So with the Multiselect dropdown plugin from Bubble, how do I change the text color in the dropdown choices? I’m assuming I have to do some coding if anyone could help out with that?


Click on the element and scroll to fonts and colors :face_with_monocle:

I’ve changed all the color options and none of them changes the text colors for the choices. At most the only text color I have been able to change is the placeholder. Everything else is for the tags, the border or the background. Seems no one can help me with this

i couldnt figure out how to change the text color so i think i did conditional formatting, changing the background color when the dropdown was focused

It should be that simple. But I have adjusted all the parameters in my multi dropdown, I haven’t selected black for the color of any text, and yet there is black text–against a black background. And when I look for options to change the color of the text I can change everything except for the colors of the text, the color of the highlight, and the color that the text changes to when selected

@emmanuel is probably the wrong person to mention, but maybe someone can explain why we are given the ability to control all of these parameters, but then we are stuck with a default style that can’t work with a black background?


It’s more than likely inherited from browser, custom dropdown plugins don’t have this issue.

You can also use css below to stop browser overriding on elements.

.class {
-webkit-appearance: none;
-moz-appearance: none;
appearance: none;