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Multi language app


I am making an app and I want to make it available for users to connect around the globe. So I would like to know how I could fix some specific data entires like post categories, to be displayed in a selected language; initially english and spanish.

So for example when a post is about Design, a user in spanish will see the category as: Diseño.

I wonder if theres a way to make the data to display in a specific language, by conditional or formatting the entries, just saying. It would be awesome if I find a way, although I know is a difficult task.

I would also like to get advice on how to handle page names, since I am thinking about building the english version and then clone the pages and translate by my self the content and the name of the page off course. I want to avoid future issues regarding navigability between different versions of the site.

Thanks in advance for your replies and help! Always help me and teach me a lot!

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I think this thread is probably a starting point: [New Feature] Multi language support

I haven’t played with it yet, but here’s where I’d start!