Multiple language app data

Hello guys,

So I have to build an application that supports multiple languages.
This is pretty easy for app text and messages as Bubble supports this.

However it becomes problematic in terms of app data. Basically I will have description of products in multiple languages. Each description will be a field in a database.

Now I need to show description depending on language.

Do you have any idea how can I do it?

There are various options, either use a plugin like Localize (automatic translations but extra costs) or like you proposed create a field or data type for translations and based on the users language use a condition to select the field to display (no add. costs, but manual maintenance).


About the automatic translations, have a look at Bubble’s Localize plugin for instance:

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I use @weglot, as was more affordable and we’re getting on great with it. They have a plugin now I believe too

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