Multi language application - English and Arabic

Hello everyone ,
I am beginner in Bubble and I want to create multi language web application.
The languages that I want to include are English and Arabic.

Can you please tell me what is the best practice to implement both languages?
Also do I need to create different pages for each language, having in mind that in Arabic the text alignment will be from right to left?

Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue as well. For now I am using conditional logic to replace the text that is to be switched. Some people create whole separate pages for each language. I am new to right to left (RTL) text so not sure how to get the text wrapping to properly display in arabic if the text is resized and text is moved to a new line.

As for the logic on which text to show, I am using a page parameter (eg. or having a language preference saved as a field to the user in the database if they are logged in. Will let you know if I find anymore stuff on how best to do this.

I am also having issues with arabic numbers as per this post. The post appears to be closed though.

Thanks @bubbleguy
I’m still researching for the best solution.

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