Performance Issues with Multilingual Applications in Bubble?

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on developing an application that aims to support multiple languages. However, during the implementation process, I’ve encountered some performance-related challenges.

I am seeking guidance from the community regarding best practices for handling multilanguage features in Bubble applications to optimize performance. Specifically, I would like to understand:

1- What are the best approaches and solutions to efficiently manage alignment changes and static word translations when catering to various languages within a Bubble application?

2- How does incorporating multilanguage support impact the overall performance of the application?

I greatly value your expertise and experiences in this domain. Your insights will be instrumental in ensuring the success of my project. Thank you all for your time and consideration.

Hi there,

You have multiple options one is to create another version of your app and translate everything (the advantage is to have control over the layout)

The one I would use is to use custom state or URL parameters to create a conditional statement to translate the text on a page. The page will not be very slowed by it because of the condition not met.

Hope that helped

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Thank you @Tolinho so much for taking the time to respond to my question. I truly appreciate your input and insights on the matter :revolving_hearts:

**I’m curious to hear what @adamhholmes and @mikeloc think about this issue. They have both worked on multilingual applications in Bubble, so we can all benefit from their experiences **

Sorry, @amer… I wouldn’t say I have worked on a full-blown multilingual app, but anything I have done has been through the use of the Settings >> Languages tab and the App Text (?) operator. With all due respect to the previous reply, I definitely wouldn’t create a separate version of your app… that would be inefficient and quite difficult to manage, in my opinion.

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Oh, thank you @mikeloc i appreciate your response :revolving_hearts:

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