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Multi-language landing page based on App Text

Hi everyone,

I’ve set all my languages in my app based on a user language in the database. All the fields are provided with dynamic App Text.

However, when I’m the login page, the user is by definition not connected. Thus I can’t based App Text based on this criteria.

I’ve tried to use custom state but it doesn’t work (Cf. screenshot)

Do you have any idea how I could call App Texts other than using a user field ?

Thanks a lot for your ideas :slight_smile:

Can you use browser location?

And you can also have a little banner at the top saying what language is being displayed and allow the user to pick from a dropdown to choose a different one?

The language can also be set via query string parameter. As @equibodyapp says, though, there must still be a way to determine which language to show. The easiest is probably just to allow the user to choose.

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