Multi line inputs not stretched after page reload

There is an issue with the multi line inputs when we check the “strech to fit content” box.
When we insert something in that box it stretches the content.
But when after refreshing the page if we show that content as initial content of the multi line input, it goes back to the initial height of the element and shows the vertical scroll. As soon as something is changed in the input it again stretches the height but it gets back after page refresh, and so on…

Is this what you mean? Yes I have also faced the same problem.

not really the same. The problem is that it’s not stretching after the page reload anymore and shows scroll bar instead. We are not converting the input to text or vice versa. We keep it always as an input with auto binding enabled.

OK got it

@emmanuel the multi line input now stretches correctly after the user hits on enter. But it doesn’t stretch while the user types something there. Is it possible to change that too?

Not sure the plugin supports this. Can you share a link?

it’s not about the plugin, Emmanuel, it’s the multi line input element. The app is a client one, can’t share it here so I’ve sent it to you by email…

I’m having the same issue - i checked stretch to fit content. The multi-line input will stretch but it also shows the scroll bar.