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Multi markers with different position

Hi, I was developing a map where the current user could sees his own location, however in the same map I was trying incorporate markers of other users location but after to many tries I haven´t developed the map yet, I only know how to put the current user position but I can´t put all the users location, so I was wondering how could I do it?

How are you pinpointing the user?

You will need the other users to have stored their location somewhere first. For example, on the User. Then you can Search for the User Addresses, and do a :plusitem on current users’s current position.

Hey Nigel, is it possible to see an example of this?

If you can create a public app (or have one already) I can put something in there.

Here the link I am trying to add multi markers with different position so when a user click on one of the marker they will be able to get data about user

Hey NigelG,

Could you help me please? I can’t get the multi markers with different position to work.

Best way to progress is to provide a link to a Bubble app editor where you can show what the issue is.

So either make your app public, or recreate in a pulic app.