Multi-series charts

Is there a way to do multi-series line/bar charts with the Chart plugin? I see that I can set “Series 1” color, but I don’t see anywhere to define another series anywhere.



No, not yet.

I’m sure you’re probably tired of this question, but is there any estimate on when that functionality will be expanded? I’d like to include in-depth warehouse usage reports to an application, and adding charts and graphs to it is really a critical component. :cry:

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No there isn’t, except if it’s crucial and we can offer you sponsor it.

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I’m willing to discuss that if it’s the only solution.

Please reach out to us in a few weeks (mid-july).

Will do. Thanks!

What is the situation about that ?

Not that crucial, apparently.

Any update on multi-series charts yet?

There is a plugin released very soon that will do this.
Keep a lookout in Showcase.

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Where is that plugin?

any updates regarding multi-series charts?

You can find it here - Chart Tools

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