Multi-variable custom workflows

Hey crew,

Was wondering if anyone else wants to add multiple variables, with multiple types to custom workflows. I know that it’s not even remotely necessary most regular use cases. I just want it so that I can “decentralize” my workflows and copy and paste them cross-app more efficiently and effectively.

Has anyone else ever thought, "hey, can I run this custom workflow with a number AND a boolean?

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‘Super workflows’ in bdk utilities does exactly this.

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Awesome. I had looked at your BDK a while back, forgot that was included. I’ll look into it.

[edit] Something just occurred to me. If I put this in a template, the end-user has no choice but to get on the paid plan for the app to run? Or can they elect to delete the plugin and associated workflows? I’ve never purchased a template with a paid plugin on it before.

Hmm… I actually have never purchased a template so don’t really know the mechanics around it. I believe all of this is entirely decided by the bubble team so probably best to check with bubble support

Hi there - just released a new feature that allows you to have multiple parameters on custom events. Check it out here: Multiple parameters on custom events