Schedule API Workflow for TEMPLATES?

Hello there,

Is there any way to have API workflow scheduling to work with templates ?

I am currently covnerting one of my existing app to a template.
This app requires the scheduler to run, and it seems that this is not supported even on the template plan…
Any chance to get it working ?

I cannot even create the test data for the template since this would require the scheduler to work…
It would be a shame to have to purchase the professional plan only to create some fake data :frowning:

Thank you for any help

Hi @florent.bocquelet, make sure you have Workflow API “exposed” in Settings > API. This will enable the API Workflows section of your app which you can access in your app’s page list (dropdown).

Other than that, your app should also be on a paid plan.


As I said, I am building a template, not an actual website. I already have API workflows enabled and used dozen of them since I am building this template from another of my apps (which I pay for). I just want to turn my app into a template and be sure that customers can actually test the template before buying it.

I don’t see why I should pay to be able to sell a template with a working preview.

Oh, I understand. Hm, I’m actually not sure how Bubble handles that case - using a paid feature in a template. Might want to reach out to them if you haven’t already. @neerja, do you have any suggestions? Is there any way to enable paid features for template previews, like API Workflows?

Running API workflows is currently not supported in Templates but is enabled as soon as the app is on a paid plan. You can, however, setup API workflows in a Template.

@neerja Is there any possibility that Bubblers who develop many templates could subscribe to a plan which allows API workflows, and possibly removes the Bubble banner when templates are previewed? (Sort of like an agency plan for template sellers?). This would ensure that elements aren’t covered up when new Users are previewing the template, and that all of the functionality works as expected when they’re testing as well? :slight_smile:

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@fayewatson Thanks for the feedback. We will consider this feature request but cannot guarantee a timeline at the moment.

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