Multidropdown :group by - Does they work together?

I’m using bubble’s multidropdown but my data contains duplicates. When I set the Choices Source to Do a Search For: Group By the list of choices is perfect (no duplicates). But when I select a choice it is displayed in the multidropdown box momentarily and then it disappears. Is this a multidropdown problem or is it me?
Has anyone else got this working? Am I trying to do something multidorpdown was not intended to do @emmanuel ?

add :unique to your query to remove duplicates.

Thank you @sridharan.s - I had never seen :unique elements until right now … I feel a fool. It’s working perfectly. I appreciate the help.

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We’ve all been there. That’s why the forum is so useful!

The deeper you dig yourself into the hole the less you see around you

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