How to keep unique values in multidropdown

Hello, I want to make a multiple filter of different categories that are registered for each item in my database. There are items that have the same category but are different and I would like to bring an accumulation of categories. Today he is bringing them all and repeating them

I’ve already tested group by, but it won’t let me do the search.
Here is my repeating group and my logic of search

Hi there, @gustavosousa.lemos… to show unique categories in the dropdown, set the Type of choices to whatever the type of the category field is. Then, set the Choices source to Search for itens:each item's category:unique elements. Finally, set the Option caption to the appropriate expression based on the choices source, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for your help, but it didn’t work. I selected as you quoted but it gave error. What can it be?

You didn’t change the Type of choices from itens to whatever the type of the categories field is. If you check the red issue checker at the top of the page, it tells you what the issue is.

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Sorry @mikeloc, I said categories but it’s actually “carroceria”

When i try to solve this error, I choice this:

But isnt work when i try to apply multiple of “carroceria” in Multidropdown

Is the dropdown showing unique elements now? I thought that was the issue you were trying to solve.

Yes, but now he can’t search with multiple choices, only with one

In the constraint on the repeating group’s data source, try changing = to is in.

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YEAAH!! Its work! Thanks a lot

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