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Multifile Uploader file data to base64


I am using mutifile uploader to upload files . In one use , there is a need to send the data of file in encoded base 64. 

I am using below workflow:
“File Name”: " This File’s file name",
“Data” : “This File:encoded to base64”

I am getting file name but the data is empty . File is uploaded to s3 bucket , in the Bubble App data i can only see URL in the attachments


Let me know if anyone of you faced similar problem.


Delete “encoded as base64”. It doesn’t work on the front end and it seems you don’t need it.

No its not working. I am getting Internal Server error from API. API wants the data to be in base64 encoded. If i remove the encodedasbase64 then file URL is coming in the data and the api doesn’t understand what to do with that .

I see. Then you need to run this action in the backend workflow because “encode base64” works only there. When you try “encode base64” on the page you get empty result.