Multiline Input Not Updating in Realtime

I’ve got a multiline input that’s using autobinding on a parent element that’s dynamic based on the results of a searching using a unique ID passed as a URL parameter. When I switch between parent things, the multiline input does not update it’s value every time (as if the search to find the thing based on the UID isn’t running every time), even though the unique ID in the URL parameter is updating correctly. When I do a hard refresh of the page, the multiline input value updates to the correct value.

Furthermore, when it doesn’t update, if I edit the value it correctly edits the proper parent thing’s field (as if the search was performed, but didn’t update the multiline input value correctly).

Check the video here for details:

Strange, could you screenshot what the data source/parent group’s data source is for that input?

I’m curious, on the button where they pick which Document, add the “Reset a group/popup” action and reset the parent group for that Multiline input

You could switch off autobinding and just set up the workflow “When input’s value changed” and modify the Document every time that event runs. Then keep what I said where you reset the group on each document selection.

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Will definitely try these in the morning - thank you so much for the suggestions! Kind of embarrassed to say I never even thought to try the on-change workflow method rather than autobinding :man_facepalming:

The strange thing is that these were working fine as of yesterday. Pretty sure I haven’t touched this page since then, but ya’ never know. I hop around a lot.

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Its prety much what the autobinding is doing anyways.

I am interested what your datasource is because there could be an issue there. Its just the unique ID of the selected document? Or is sounds like you have some search in there somewhere?

It’s searching for a data type of Document, which has a text field of Name (which the multiline input is autobinding to). Each document has a unique UID (I don’t use the Bubble unique_id because it’s long and fugly, so I generate that with the calculate formula method…documents always start with d followed by 10 characters).

The weirdest part is that it works sometimes when switching between docs with no refresh and ALWAYS shows the right value on a hard refresh.

I think that is where the issue is then, some weirdness going on with searching for your Document.

Did you consider setting the slug of the document when you create it, and doing that unique id format you like?

Then Bubble will display that in the URL bar instead of the unique id. And you can natively do “Get data from page URL” and turn that slug into the real Bubble Thing instead of searching.

Otherwise if you want to keep everything how you have it you could attempt what I said before, and also mess with more stuff like do a “When condition is true” event, checking when the parameter “d” is not empty, and doing the Display data in a group/popup" action and sending the Document to the input’s parent group.

Hey what does your data setup look like on the parent group of the input element?

Are you telling it, “do a search for items with unique ID” are are you telling it to, “get x from page url” ?

Initially after reading this, I was going to recommend using the live text plugin , but if you’re using auto-binding, then you can’t edit the default value to the live text plugin.

Yea without any workflow/datasource screenshots or anything hard to say, could be an order of operations thing like it’s getting the data then the URL parameter changes afterwards, etc.

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I fixed the issue for now by disabling an On Page Load workflow that was automatically setting the focus to the multiline input element as well as setting a state on the page to store the current title (this was used when creating an activity to reference the old title + new title in a description). By getting rid of those and doing 'em a different way, the issue went away. Thanks for the help y’all!

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