Can't get Multiline input to update an HTML element's text

I have a multiline input widget. Upon pressing a button I take that text and make changes to This Page’s Question.Text.

The preview is then just an HTML element with dynamic text loaded from this page’s Question.Text. It is not loading at all. It just keeps saying “Lorem Ipsum…”.

When you see Lorem Ipsem text, you’re viewing a page that has a type (and thus takes a unique ID of the thing in question as the last part of the URL’s path).

Look at the URL in your browser. See that “sample” part at the end? Replace that with the unique ID of a thing of the right type in your database.

Basically, your page is trying to operate on or show a thing, but you have not specified what thing you want to see/edit. So it doesn’t do anything.

This is supposed to be obvious, but I can see how you’d miss it.


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