Multipart/form-data API calls in (API Connector)

On November 17 I saw there was an update to Bubble that allows us to use the API Connector to do form-data calls. I’d like to use this to upload to AWS S3 - has anyone tried to do this through the API connector?

I’m not sure how to configure the API call - do I just set a content-type parameter on the API Request? It’s possible my problems are with Authentication with AWS and not with the bubble API Connector. Need to do more thorough testing with that.

Sorry for the double post - has anyone used the API connector for form-data calls and could share and example?

Hello, I also had the need to send a file for a REQUEST BODY SCHEMA: multipart/form-data
I managed to initialize the call, following the settings below, maybe it will help you.

1- Set the Data Type to File
2- Set the Body Type to Form-data
3- Set parameter for file upload
4- try to make the call.



How i can make the uploading file in the parameters dynamically

Meaning the user will upload the file

And the api request will send the uploaded ile

Hi @arumizan or possibly @brunno_nonato , have you guys please figured out how to make the file dynamic?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @hejtmanekp

I just asked the provider for curl code then i implemented it and it worked

thanks @arumizan

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