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Hi Bubblers!

Here the thing: I need to create a kind of mailbox (repeating group), but I stuck on the interface of selectable things and multiple actions. What do I mean: the user can select some objects (letters) and then make an action (mark as readable, delete, download) with selected things.

What is the most right way to realize it, how do you think? thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

There you go watch this:

Let me know if it is not helpful, pls :pray:

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hey @bestbubbledev!

Thank you for the video, it was helpful - now I understand the point about selecting and doing some simple actions such as mark or delete, but the question about downloading selected files is still open. I tried to use File Downloader plugin, but it’s not able to download a list of files. Maybe you can advice another plugin or something?

Do you mean you want to extract as CSV file, PDF file? What format do you want to download your data?

In fact it’s a PDF, multiple download - zip I guess

My collegue said it’s about API Connector, api backend workflow or some storage things. Could you please share resourses where I can read about it more?

Try using some of the PDF file related plugins.

Just in case you can find some tutorials here:

If there are no plugins and no tutorials how to do it you can request a plugin here and somebody might develop it:

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