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CSS paragraph styling

Is it possible to use CSS in the text element by using ID Attribute?

I found a short introduction of ID Attribute, but no instructions on how to use this at: General Properties - Bubble Docs

I would be happy for advice on this.

Kind regards,

Hi @SusaT ! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right, it looks like you can. There are a few plugins that will allow you to do this.

E.g I haven’t used this, but apparently the Classify plugin allows you to add a CSS class name, ID, attribute etc to your Bubble elements: How to add a custom class or an ID to a Bubble element - DigitalEye Plugins

Check this post: Image in responsive engine is stretching with keep aspect ratio - #2 by gerbertdelangen

Thank you, @gerbertdelangen and @WorkWithJordana!

I got also an answer from Bubble support and they suggested these options:

  • Use a custom HTML element and put the text in the custom HTML element with the proper styling
  • Use a text element with the custom ID attribute and then use JavaScript that finds the element and styles it or a CSS file that finds the element by ID and styles it

Have a nice day there!

Perhaps, I found a better solution! – But, I do not know if I found the best logic design in this example:

There are separate paragraph input boxes for the article’s paragraphs. When I publish the article, I can modify the space between sections by printing those paragraphs under each other with the space I want to.

There must be a better design for this (maybe a repeating group for text input), but my brains did not work out at the moment.

If you have any ideas on making this work better, I would be happy to hear your advice!