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Hello, Happy New Year to everyone… 2019 will be the year of Bubble for sure :slight_smile:

While I’m using extensively the APP TEXT? feature for the text in the App (and I love it… What an incredible feature by the way. Thanks to Bubble R&D team… :slight_smile:

Though, I have a pending / blocking question. Most of buttons in my App are created from a Data Base fields query… Is it possible to use APP TEX? feature into the fields of a data base?

How can I use generate a language dependent field into Database? Example: I generate a button “Cooking a dinner” and how this button can become “Préparer le diner” in French and “cocinando la cena” in Spanish?

Any suggestion to do this ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Best regards

Hi Pierre,

I haven’t actually done a ton of translation work in production, but since I’m not seeing any other answers, I thought I’d map out one approach…If you just have a few things to translate, in a few set languages, there are absolutely easier ways to do this, so you’ll have to decide how much translation support you actually want.

The APP text process works well for translation of items not in the db, but for database entries you’ll want to just lookup values for the language desired. As with most things, there are a few ways to tackle this. The solution I propose below is a definitely more complicated to setup, but does a few things I find very important:

  1. Allows you to add support for new languages in the future, by simply adding new database entries – you don’t want to maintain anything in your design or workflow tabs with respect to new languages as that would be very time consuming and prone to have omissions.

  2. Allows for the users chosen language to be changed at any point without needing to reset any of their data (ie. when they switch language, all the data associated with their account automatically adjusts.)

  3. Adds a minimum of complexity to design and workflow code which is where we spend a lot of time developing.

So, first we need a Language thing with some basics like a language code, along with a display value (you will likely add other items, like a flag, etc.) You'll see I also have a yes/no default language that will be used for users having not yet made a selection:

Next, setup a Chosen Language field for each user. You would have a process someplace where the user sets their chosen language from a list that you provide.

But in order to have a default language and also keep the bulk of our searches simple, we’ll set the default language if the Current User doesn’t have one set.

Now, let's setup a data thing to hold our translations (each translation will have a label -- the value we display to users, and it has a language):

And a data thing for food:

What we are doing here, is having a traditional data thing, food (with all the other fields you want to store,) and simply adding a list of translations to each thing we create.

Here is what the actual data might look like to translate “apple”:


Now, if we wanted a repeating group with all the foods, we set that up like so:

We’re really just doing the same type of searches we always do, but we add a filter that gives us our chosen language.

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Thanks Ken.

I appreciate your efforts to share with me these ultra connected data base concepts. Though, I cannot reproduce it and Add the several items in the List of LabelTransactions To be completely transparent, I find myself a little stupid on this point!

Anyway, over the last few months, I have developed (on BUBBLE platform), an innovative, game changer, new App to revolutionize the dating market. My intention is to launch this App in South-East Asia in few countries for the first phase. (*)

While I’m pretty happy and confident with the MVP (Most Viable Product) current developments, I know that I need a bit of assistance and support to strengthen a little more the App and bring few core features (messages, filtering, Multi Level Marketing code within a url, …)

It would be nice if we can share about this topic together. I live in Bangkok. It looks like you are in California (which is about -15 hours difference) e.g.: Now it’s 11h45 am for me and 20:45 pm for you… Best would be early morning for me (9am) which is early evening 6pm for you.

When could you be available for a Skype or Hangout call so that I can show you where I stand, explain you what I want to achieve… So that you can make me a proposal for little support.


Pierre BRUNO

Skype: pierre.bruno2009
Tel: +666 3230 4100

Hi Pierre,

Private message sent…

Talk soon,


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