Multiple Language Versions

If I would like to have several language versions of the same app. Should I clone each page of the app and modify its language text? or is there another way you might suggest to handle this? Thanks!

Have you tried this ?

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Thanks @NicolasDap, the issue with Localize is that even if I’m going for the own/manually add translation option, it will be a pricey alternative ($249/month), since I was planning to go for 4-5 language versions of the app.
Thanks again, if you have any other idea, I will appreciate it.

I would be interested to also have solutions other than localize.js. We need manual translation. Any recipe ?

Another option: (the one I use for my app - 4 languages)
ask your users to select a language (When signing in, and store it), and then for each text you set a condition (current user’s language is …) and show the appropriate text.
It works for every version of your app, even if you opt for the native app version (localize cannot be used for native app version)


This is an awesome idea. You can probably have a setting in the ‘accounts page’ where people can change this. although not sure if that change will be instant…

Thanks! :). Yes, If the user changes the language the change will be instant

I’m looking to build an app that integrates a blog posting functionality, so it would be close to impossible to have different languages, I need the translator to do it.

So I tried using google translate, and paste the code generated from the code generator of website translate of google. I get to see the dropdown on the top left, but it doesnt respond when I click it. There is notting on top of it.

Any ideas why? and how to fix it?