Best practice for a multi-language app in Bubble

Hi everyone, in the process of building my first bubble app and will be starting the process of translating the app to another language but before I start wanted to check-in here to see if anyone has some advice on best practice when it comes to a multi-language app.

What’s the best way to translate and create different versions of your app in different languages? And how do I change links (to video and audio content) based on the language version?

Preferable the IP and localization would send the person to the right language version right away.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated!


Explore the operator appText

@cmarchan thank you for the tip. Yep, translating text seems pretty straightforward. However, I can’t seem to find good information on changing behavior/functionality based on language/location…any advice?

@brookelustig I’m also wondering about this. Basically having different links for different languages, correct?

One way is to have a user variable defining their current language, then to have conditional values on text boxes that show different text in those cases. Tedious but it works. There are also some plugins that do a decent job and make it much easier but aren’t always perfect translations