Multiple line order form with drop down search products and add quantity!

Hello There,
Trying to make multiple line order form with drop down search products and add quantity
this will be a portal for my client. But i get stuck in the order form. I want to add multiple row in the form and save as a (order form.pdf). PDF part is tomorrows problem…
here is the screen shots. My head is aching :slight_smile: please help!!!


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can somebody tell me how to create workflow for order product and quantity function.

Thank you

The easiest way I’ve found is to display the data you would like to save/print and add a button do run that function;

There’s a few plugins that will convert/save things to PDF, I just downloaded one that takes the current URL and exports it to PDF. The button on my page that says Edit Me runs that workflow. You’re basically using the page as a previewer since the only way you can print thing’s is by displaying it.

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Thanks for the reply, I will try your suggestions. Do you know how to make an order data workflow? i mean like this --> "first create new order thing than modify the same row:filteredby users last order " like this…

So what specifically are you creating? Like a cart or something? Or your creating a new order “thing” based on this screens inputs?

The users can transfer products from shop A to shop B or order products from HQ. This will be an intranet portal. Only inside users using it. So it should he easy but i cant manage to build workflow…

It would be easier to see what your trying to accomplish, but I think I understand what your saying.

So how is the data stored at the moment? If Shop A and Shop B have their respective data entries as well as HQ, the data would need to be displayed some how with some type of interaction guiding them from one to the other, but I could give better advice knowing how it’s stored.

here is my edit link :
this is my first project in bubble and if you see a wrong practice please warn me to correct it. Also you can correct anything you see in the page…
there is no certain data structure right now everything can be changed.
Thanks in advance.

can somebody also help me with this?

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