Multiple markers on map from coordinates

Hi everybody,

Quite a newbie, albeit been dabbling for a while, so please take it easy on me!

I’m looking to create a map that displays multiple markers, based on longitude and latitude coordinates. I’m sure it’s a simple answer, but I haven’t quite come across it yet. It seems like other people have had this trouble in the past but I haven’t found the answer.

Context - The intention is for users to provide an exact location by dragging the centre of the map (That bit is fine!) but I’d like to display the list of coordinate addresses on a map, ideally also filter by radius from a centre address if that makes any difference.

I have managed this with a single marker, but not with a list. Maybe I need to do something funky here to get it to work accordingly.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Can you expose the app? This looks like a type mismatch i.e.: list vs single item. Without recreating your setup I can’t be sure and I’m not willing to invest the time to recreate your problem before solving it. Make a copy with “anyone can view” or anyone can edit and post the link if you’d like me to troubleshoot it.

Also tag me in the reply to make sure I see it.

The coordinates are stored in a database as decimal’s. Possibly you are correct that these are single items rather than lists.

The data that my Coordinate to address calculation is looking at is a database that includes a field for Longitude and a field for Latitude.

Have you found any solution for your problem?
Iam also coming through the same issue, I want to show list of markers which are present in repeating groups, i have their Long/Lat values not geographic addresses in my DB. if you have found the solution please share it with me or on forum.