Displaying a list of Co-Ordinates accurately on a map


I have spent quite a bit of time looking into this and I just want to confirm if its just the way i am writing the bubble formulae of it is just not possible the way i am doing it. Essentially i have a list of Co-Ordinates in the database with the Long/Lat saved individually as numbers. I want to place markers on the map based on the exact co-ordinates.

I am able to get this to work for a single marker using the Calculate CoOrd to address formulae. But when i try and show a list of markers i come across a couple of errors. The first being the long/lat field expect a list of number but then the data source expects a list of addresses.

I have read through quite a few posts on this such as

And i can see that im not the only one to have this issue.

So any help or pointing me in the right direction is appreciated :slight_smile:


you probably need to first translate the coordinates into a geographic location…set up a workflow to do so but first need a data field for geographic address

Thanks for getting back to me @boston85719

The issue i find with converting the co-ordinates directly to an address is that it loses the precision. The areas where i am placing the pins haven’t been ‘addressed’ the best and the markers end up in the wrong region. I also want the marker to be shown exactly , based upon the list of given longitudes and latitudes as we are trying to show that this is the exact location of the listing.

As a hypothetical example;

Lets say i wanted to drop a pin in Yosemite right in the middle of Plute moutain and Price Peak. Coordinates = 38.051537, -119.544465. As shown below.

When i covert this to an address it goes to Pacific Crest Trail, California, USA. This is no longer in the middle of the two and is no longer accurate.

This is not the best of examples but i hope it illustrates my point. For our app we need a list of markers to be accurately dropped at the location/co-ordinates.


I would create a data type called “address”

have a data field : long
another data field : lat

plus any other identifying information you may want stored on the data type.

Then in your map you should be able to find a way to load a list of “addresses” ( which is simply a data type you created ) and then you would reference “this address long and lat”

Play around with it like that…One thing that might need to be done is actually have a data field that stores both long and lat together as you would see on google maps when they display that information, the two numbers are separated by commas.

With both numbers in one data type separated by commas the map element might make it easier to utilize them in that formatted structure.

Well that was a trip down memory lane :slight_smile:

I wonder what ever happened to that nice Emmanuel chap :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, so what I think you are doing is entering the coords into a Geographic Places search box ?

In that case it WILL snap to the nearest “place”.

What you need to do is get the lat/lon as text and use the Forumla "Calculate CoordToAddress.

If you want to input this as one field, then you can use an expression to split out the before and after the comma.

This way it will store the exact location.

Left = Geo Search
Right = Text coords.

Thanks for getting back to me NIgel and digging this out,

So what i am actually trying to do is show a list of stored co-ordinates as markers on the map. I have the lon/lat stored in the database already and then I am trying to get this to appear on the map accurately. Based of a similar logic to yours above i am able to accurately map out a single/one marker but i am having some difficulties doing this for a list of markers.

You are sort of onto me though, i was entering the coords into a Geographic Places search box as a temporary work around :slight_smile:

Still a bit confused/struggling to get the stored lon/lats all appear on the map as i can’t seem to convert them to an address accurately in bulk. Not sure if im missing something here but appreciate any clarification.

You should do an api workflow on a list…watch this video to set up…it isn’t that difficult

What you will be doing to the list of things in the API workflow is what @NigelG mentioned about “calculate coordinates to address” which it seems you have been able to do successfully.

My understanding is this is creating an address, but just more accurate than geographic places search box.

The API workflow will change all the coordinates you have into addresses.

  1. Create a new data field — “coordinates_to_address”…I think the selection for type would be geographic address

  2. On a blank page create a R.G. that searches for all the things you need to convert coordinates to addresses on

  3. Set up the API workflow for that list of things in the R.G.

After that you should be able to use the new datafield “coordinates_to_address” as the source the map uses for placing the markers.

I am not sure though, but that would be how I’d first attempt it.

You may want to first test it before running the api workflow to see if the new datafield works on the map by manually doing 2 or 3 conversions on

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