Multiple- screen on single page navigation (Group to group navigation in bubble))

In This beginner-friendly tutorial, you will learn how to create a multi-screen app experience on just ONE page!
You’ll learn how to use “Option Sets” to define different screens and “States” to control what users see on your app.
No more struggle with one-page navigation. This is easy tutorial made for beginners
you will learn how you can move / navigate from one group to other group in on page.

key point you will learn"

00:00 RECAP video (Urdu hindi)
00:08 Creating new page in
01:19 pasting other screen on one page in in urdu hindi language
02:15 Creating option sets in bubble
02:23 Understanding option sets in
03:12 creating State on main page in
04:00 Hiding element on page load in
04:21 Adding workflow for navigation
04:28 Understanding of group to group navigation on same page
05:17 Adding condition for state, Understanding The STATE
06:13 Adding condition and wrokflows on other group
07:18 analyzing group to group navigation in
07:20 Debugging in
07:50 PRewing the one page navigation in
08:00 Adding workflow for going back on previous page
08:30 Previwing the working app, n group to group navigation #checkboxes #optionset #states


Easy Select & Unselect Checkboxes in | TUTORIAL || Urdu hindi: