Multiple Users Updating the same database at the same time - does Bubble know?

Hey all,

Trying to wrap my head around how Bubble deals with multiple users updating a single database.

I have an application that has several users who add jobs to a schedule board.

When a add job form is opened the users inputs the information they need to add to the schedule (what day, how many hours, etc…).

The information is NOT user dependent (i.e. it is not User A adds job for User A and User B adds job for User B. Instead it is User A adds job for entire company, User B adds job for entire company, etc…)

The add jobs form depend on custom states to pass information along. I.e. store the week selected in an RG’s custom state of weeks and when the job is created add it the stored weeks.

  1. What happens when multiple users open the same form and submit at the same time?
  2. Does one users form override the other and change the stored data in custom states?
  3. How can you separate users so that when they access the form it is only THEIR information that is updated when the form is submitted?

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