Multiple values in key constraints using Bubble Data API get list of things

On another site, I am using javascript to retrieve a small list of ‘posts’ from a ‘site’ whose assigned ‘tags’ match one or more values.

Here’s the json request that works perfectly:

[ { "key": "tags", "constraint_type": "contains", "value": "1665437454858x144285394879643650" } 
, { "key": "site", "constraint_type": "equals", "value": "1664867553310x942411925410807800" } ]

I have attempted to add another value to the key, “tags” using brackets and several other different formatting configurations, but it breaks each time. Is there a specific format that works with the Bubble Data API that I’m not seeing? I’ve read older threads saying this isn’t possible. If that’s still the case, I’d just like to know so I will have to restructure my DB and workflows to add a post-tag Thing whenever there’s a change to tags and then use API to reference that list. I suppose that may be my only option, is that the case? Thanks!

Complete documentation for your app’s Data API is in the reference, and you’re probably looking for the information about search constraints, found here:

Thanks @keith but there’s no mention of how to do this in the documentation provided. That’s where I started before coming here to the forum. Much appreciated.