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MUTUAL Facebook friends

Hi everyone!
I have two questions around this topic.

First of all: How can I show only the mutual friends two users might have?
I tried pulling the Facebook friends IDs into the “current user” as a text and then checking against each other, but that doesn’t really seem to work.
Which leads me to my second question: Do I even need to pull data from the Facebook profiles and store it as an extra data field under my users? (Name, Password, Email, … , Facebook friends?)

Thank you!

Hey @NigelG !
You seem to have a good understanding of Bubble as I’ve seen in other threads. Can you maybe help me, please? :slight_smile:

You should be able to pull the friend ids back into two lists, and do an “intersects”.

Probably don’t need to store it, you could intersect two APIs.

Pull back into two lists? So basically creating (/storing) to new lists? :thinking:

What exactly do you mean by APIs? Facebook’s Friends? Still a newbie to all this. Actually openend another thread on pulling specific things from Facebook (plugin vs API?) Facebook - Information: gender

your tip with intersect was great! turns out you don’t need to pull it back into two lists.

HI @AlexDaresTo did you manage to work out how to display mutual friends? I’m really stuck and this is the only thread on the forum. I didn’t really follow with the ‘interscets’ comment. Are you pulling each users friends list in from FB? Seems like a huge amount of data… Thanks :slight_smile: