MUTUAL Facebook friends

Hi everyone!
I have two questions around this topic.

First of all: How can I show only the mutual friends two users might have?
I tried pulling the Facebook friends IDs into the “current user” as a text and then checking against each other, but that doesn’t really seem to work.
Which leads me to my second question: Do I even need to pull data from the Facebook profiles and store it as an extra data field under my users? (Name, Password, Email, … , Facebook friends?)

Thank you!

Hey @NigelG !
You seem to have a good understanding of Bubble as I’ve seen in other threads. Can you maybe help me, please? :slight_smile:

You should be able to pull the friend ids back into two lists, and do an “intersects”.

Probably don’t need to store it, you could intersect two APIs.

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Pull back into two lists? So basically creating (/storing) to new lists? :thinking:

What exactly do you mean by APIs? Facebook’s Friends? Still a newbie to all this. Actually openend another thread on pulling specific things from Facebook (plugin vs API?) Facebook - Information: gender

your tip with intersect was great! turns out you don’t need to pull it back into two lists.

HI @AlexDaresTo did you manage to work out how to display mutual friends? I’m really stuck and this is the only thread on the forum. I didn’t really follow with the ‘interscets’ comment. Are you pulling each users friends list in from FB? Seems like a huge amount of data… Thanks :slight_smile:

only just saw this… :sweat_smile:
I’ve actually moved away from Facebook friends so I don’t remember how we ended up solving this. The intersect definitely was the big part of the solution - in case you’re still no this :slight_smile: