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Mutually exclusive toggles?

I cant get mutually exclusive toggles to work.

I’ve tried a couple of things and this is the latest in the forum app:

I thought I could set a custom state for toggle b (toggle=no) when toggle a is checked. When toggle=no, the preset status should be no. I tried with dynamic and static values, but it seems i need to select the preset status instead of just selecting ‘dynamic’.

Did anyone get this to work?

I think what you’re looking for is actually the radio button element. Selecting one, deselects the rest. I remember trying to do the same with checkboxes.

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But I don’t want to use radio buttons :smile:

I got this to work with regular buttons but for this I need to use the toggle.

Also these toggles are pretty far spaced apart and the radio buttons need to be closer together I think…

Just tried the same with checkboxes, but also cant get them to uncheck when another checkbox is checked. This just isnt possible?

I really like the toggle’s but I think I have to replace them with a button and a ‘check’ icon. WHen the button is clicked, a change to the user is made and a group is displayed. When that group is displayed a ‘check’ icon appears next to the button to indicate that one is selected. When clicking another button, the ‘check’ icon for that button shows up when the associated group shows up.

I don’t see another way!

Well radio buttons are really the way to go for this…

But I cant space them apart and put them in different groups… right…?

you’re right, but functionality wise that does what you need