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Multiple button colours toggled and acting like a radio button

This link was given as an example for almost exactly the same question except I want a “selected” button to deselect when any other is clicked.

In any other language I would loop “disable” all the buttons by changing the colour to green and then “enable” by turning red the button that was pressed. In fact I wouild only have one set of the 7 buttons. For Bubble I decided to have two groups and created and action to HIDe btnMON and show BtnMONSel etc - when they are exactly on top of each other it doesn’t work , but if i seeperate them it does , but that still leves deselecting the previous enabled “RED” button without 2 hoursof mundane clicking. Is there a better way. I feel like the Daleks who were going to take over the universe then discovered stairs.

I would create a custom state called “DayofWeek” and use the workflow to set the state (Element) of that to “Monday” or “Tuesday” etc when the respective button is pressed.
Then I would just set a condition on each button that says “When Dayof Week = Monday” to make this element visible or active or red or whatever you need it to do.

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Ok I have worked out why the buttons click once then fail if the are over each other. Seems like when you hide an element that is above another , clickin in the area does not “pass through” to the visible element underneath. So if how do I set the state to disabled in the sense that a click in the hidden area is not stopped by the one above. Just had a thought as I wrote this. - change its position in the Z axis to be underneath the other when i hide it.


Hi ,

Thanks just saw your answer after I posted - you must have posted just as i started typing looking at the time

Thanks again

Here are two examples that do not Hide/Show:

Here is the editor:

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Thank you for that William. As luck would have it, I found that on a youtube channel but not as well executed. Haven’t implemented it yet but im definitely going to use your first method - somehow it resonates with me - an implicit loop using the repeating group which until yesterday I did not know could be horizontal.

Thanks so much for that

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