Muztunes App platform

Hey Everyone. I’m Andrew, founder of Muztunes. You can find us on the web- .

We’ve built a new digital music ecosystem.

I need some assistance porting our site into a bubble mobile app.

Whoever wants to be part of a cool project, let me know.

FYI, I only have equity to give. No cash at the moment.



you made the same request last year for your amazing energy app Need help building a groundbreaking wireless Energy App - #3 by andrewds1234567 where you were asking for help on a mobile app with Bubble when youre actual app is WP. how did that go?
People should be aware this is your second time of asking for help with no cash.

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Yes, my last project was Lunacorp Energy. It had to be shuttered due to the tech not being possible yet.

My new project is Muztunes. An active music focused web ecosystem.

And you are correct. This is the second time I’ve asked the Bubble forum for assistance with only being able to offer equity.

This is the reality of the startup world. Sometime their is only equity to offer.

Thanks for the feedback though.