My API returns a non-object, an AJAX to view a PDF. How do I make this happen on bubble?

I wish to allow users to get the auto generated shipping consignment note.

The API documentation says that it is a standard AJAX call that will download pdf formatted consignment note.

I am not sure how to perform this too "Please send post call as normal form to view the generated pdf. "

How can I initialize and apply this?

Thanks in advance!

Have you gotten it set up in postman?

Can you send a link to the api docs?

If you can, pm me your api key and I can set up the connection on my end and then send you back a screenshot of exactly what to do. But I can’t do that unless I can make a successful call. Understand if you can’t, just makes this process way easier.

No I have not set it up on postman. Will postman solve this issue? I can look into it. I am not a dev background. D:

The documentation requires logins, I can pm you!


Postman just has more capabilities but if you don’t know it then don’t worry. If you can pm me within the next 2 minutes I can try quick before I got to bed but its 2:30 am here. Otherwise will have to do it in the morning


paul29 saved the day

the thing i didnt get right was the Data type, i just had to change it to File