My app doesn't send all the information that I want to my e-mail when an user sends it


I want my app to send an e-mail to me, when an user fills a form, but I did some tests and I don’t get all the data that I want. I only get like 5 values.

I also don’t get the files and images that I want to send.

And the name from the sender isn’t the one that I want.

I am attaching some screenshots from my workflow.

Thank you

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 11.17.26 AM Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 11.17.37 AM

If you have a “Reset relevant inputs” in your workflow, remove it and replace it with a page refresh.
If that fixes the issue then you have a problem with bubble doing the workflows out of order. (Deleting the input field before the email is sent out)

Otherwise you might want to create a new thing. Then send the email out using the data from that thing. [result of step X’s Nombre’s Value] Then you can go back into the database and see if the data is in the database for easier bugtesting.

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