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Send email leaves many fields blank

Was working in an earlier version. Am i missing something or is this a bug?

It’s hard to be positive without more information. A link to the editable version of your app would help.

Though it looks that you’re making changes to the user and sending the email in the same workflow. Given that, the preview is likely working off of the Current user’s information (which does not include the fields you’re referencing which are blank). Read: it’s showing blank values because the data has not yet been written. The data for those fields will be written after the Make Changes step actually runs.

Try running the workflow and seeing if the email comes through with all the correct information in an actual email.

Another thing, just to make sure is that the demo user you’re using does indeed have all of those fields completed.

Thanks. Unfortunately the app contains client proprietary info so obligated not to share without NDA.

This is all done in the deployed live app.

Did you set some privacy rules?

How about the default case of the privacy roles (that’s the one that matter). Is the workflow ran in the context of a logged in user?

Workflow runs in context of logged in user.

The default privacy setting is for "everyone else (default permissions) to be no access. If this is the issue, why do some fields populate?

Workflow runs when a logged in user clicks the “submit” button to enter some user details. The email is next step in the workflow and references these updated fields. Is there a delay in the database updating? The fields that come through were submitted in the prior form. The fields that are missing are those in the current workflow.

And what do you see using the debugger?